shabby chic
elements of shabby chic
Profiles are sized to balance the overall height of your room. Use your ceiling height to choose the profiles that are right for your room. Standard profiles are for ceilings below 9 feet. High Profiles are for ceilings 9 feet and above, as shown by this icon: . Some moulding profiles are suitable for both standard and high ceilings

6" Crown - 16' Length

Model # 1522279

4" Crown - 16' Length

Model # 1383047
recommended interior doors
When planning your Shabby Chic room, consider an interior door with deep, rich embossments and pronounced details. These features impart an air of tradition and elegance that complement the style and curves of the mouldings.

2 Panel Roman/ Continental

2 Panel Arch- Top/ Princeton

Shabby Chic inspriation
Inspired by soft, opulent curves and delicate forms, this ornamental style exudes a timeworn elegance from the crown mouldings to the chair rail. The casual, yet relaxed style carries throughout the room in the grandfather clock, distressed dining table and patterned wallpaper.