new traditional
elements of new traditional
Profiles are sized to balance the overall height of your room. Use your ceiling height to choose the profiles that are right for your room. Standard profiles are for ceilings below 9 feet. High Profiles are for ceilings 9 feet and above, as shown by this icon: . Some moulding profiles are suitable for both standard and high ceilings

3" Casing - 16' Length

Model # 1484763
recommended interior doors
When planning your New Traditional room, consider an interior door that has a linear, symmetrical design. This classic look echoes the sophisticated elegance of New Traditional mouldings and will help create a timeless transition from one room to the next.

Riverside/ Rockport

2 Panel Smooth/ Cambridge

Lincoln Park/ Madison

Logan/ Monroe

New Traditional inspriation
Traditional, sloping curves with modern bevels at each end of the crown moulding connect wall to ceiling in a clean, classic way. Bright yellow accents bring a sophisticated touch to gray walls, while bronze furnishings and animal prints merge contemporary with traditional.