elements of bohemian
Profiles are sized to balance the overall height of your room. Use your ceiling height to choose the profiles that are right for your room. Standard profiles are for ceilings below 9 feet. High Profiles are for ceilings 9 feet and above, as shown by this icon: . Some moulding profiles are suitable for both standard and high ceilings
recommended interior doors
When planning your Bohemian room, consider doors with a strong panel design. Select an arched panel style that mirrors the curved details of the moulding profiles, or choose something bold to show off your adventurous side.

2 Panel Arch- Top/ Princeton

2 Panel Roman/ Continental

Riverside/ Rockport

Bohemian inspriation
Multiple curves and concave features converse with ornate Moroccan patterns and earth tones for a Bohemian style that speaks with an accent. The sharp moulding detail on the ceiling draws your attention upward, while the curves of the crown moulding add to an eclectic feel.