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When it comes to interior design, homebuyers are looking for what they see on TV and online. So, to make your job easier, Metrie has taken the most sought after home d├ęcor styles and curated moulding and interior door combinations.
Option {M} not only speeds up the selection process but is also moderately priced to help you differentiate from your competitors and stay on budget. With choices this easy, you can spend more time completing homes and growing your business.
Modern Farmhouse
Clean lines with minimal rustic details, like shiplap
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Vintage Industrial
Bold, clean lines paired with sharp angles; unadorned trim
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Shabby Chic
Soft, opulent curves and delicate forms; ornamental products exude a timeworn elegance
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New Traditional
Traditional, sloping curves with modern bevels; clean & classic
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Multiple curves and concave features; eclectic
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